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Meet Best Friends of Fairfax

Canine companions bring happiness into owners’ lives.

Close friends and neighbors, Judy Schnoeblen and Laura Gunson of Fairfax, only become closer through their dogs, Hunter and Archie, who are also very close companions.

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Workshop Promotes Science Education

On Tuesday, July 15, the Virginia Initiative for Science Teaching and Achievement (VISTA), in conjunction with the George Mason University College of Education and Human Development, held a day-long program that focused on advancing science education in Fairfax County schools.

Letter: Time to Make a Change

To the Editor

The current Congressman from Virginia’s 11th Congressional District (Gerry Connolly) prides himself in being the first to defend the Obama Administration. He has defended the Attorney General, the handling of Benghazi, the NSA, the VA, the Border Patrol, the EPA, and most importantly and most frequently the IRS.

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Robinson Grad Never Far from Roots

Hometown entrepreneur set to open business in Fairfax.

Baher Elgibali, 31, of Kingstowne, is no stranger to stress, having worked in real estate and construction for almost 10 years. A former real estate specialist at Debbie Dogrul Associates - a Fairfax real estate company - Elgibali learned about the extreme sides of stress and found that massage was a way to relieve it.

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Across Northern Virginia, Men Pull Larger Paychecks than Women

Trend is more prominent in wealthier areas.

When Lola Arce de Quintela first moved to Oakton 20 years ago, she noticed something about the way men and women arranged their professional careers around their family lives in Northern Virginia. Men took high-powered jobs with large paychecks, while women often dropped out of the workforce to take care of growing families. If women had full-time jobs, she says, they would often select positions that were not as demanding so they could focus their time and attention on their children while husbands and fathers pulled in six-figure salaries.